All fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the course or as per an agreed payment plan accepted in writing by the Student. All ongoing fees must be paid as invoiced for the course. All fees are payable in Australian dollars. Students will not be permitted to commence or continue their course until all outstanding fees have been paid. New York College reserves the right to cancel a Student’s enrolment for nonpayment of fees, where fees are overdue by more than 14 days. Any cancellation of enrolment due to non-payment of fees will be reported to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as prescribed under Section 19 of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act).

New York College reserves the right to change fees at any time, subject to the relevant authority’s approval.

Refund policy

Refund of the fees will only be granted in accordance with the refund policy set out below. Enrolment fees are non-refundable under any circumstances, except in the unlikely circumstances where New York College is unable to provide the course.

Full Refund

New York College (New York College) has a fee refund policy for situations where special circumstances exist. We will make a full refund of course fees paid (less administration and enrolment fee charge) in the following circumstances:

  • Application for a Student visa is unsuccessful: In this case New York College, reserves the right to retain an administration charge of AUD$200. Refund of any balance pre-paid course money will be made within 14 days. A request of refund in writing and proof of visa refusal, from the Australian Government must be sent to New York College upon visa refusal.
  • In the unlikely event that New York College is unable to deliver your course in full, you will be offered a refund of all the course money you have paid to date. The refund will be paid to you within 2 weeks of the day on which the course ceased being provided. Alternatively, you may be offered enrolment in an alternative course by New York College at no extra cost to you. You have the right to choose whether you would prefer a full refund of course fees, or to accept a place in another course. If you choose placement in another course, we will ask you to sign a document to indicate that you accept the placement. If New York College is unable to provide a refund or place you in an alternative course the Australian Government’s Tuition Protection Service (TPS) will assist you with your placement in an alternative course or manage any applicable refunds.
  • New York College reserves the right to cancel or postpone any courses prior to their scheduled commencement dates, if necessary. In such circumstances, if a Student is unable to enroll in a similar course at New York College all fees will be refunded within 14 days.

Partial Refund

New York College will make a partial refund of tuition fees in the following circumstances:

  • If written notice of withdrawal is received from a candidate at least 28 days prior to the commencement of the term, 50% of the tuition fees (if paid in full) are refundable, less an administration charge of A$200 and where applicable, less any agent’s fee; Or
  • If written notice of withdrawal is received from a candidate less than 28 days prior to the commencement of the term, 25% of the tuition fees (if paid in full) are refundable less an administration charge of A$200 and where applicable, less any agent’s fee.

No Fee Refund

  • If a Student withdraws from, cancels or fails to attend a program or course after the start of the program, with the exception of visa refusal, New York College will not refund any of the fees paid for that program or course semester. The Student will be required to pay any outstanding balances for the course. No refund will be issued for monies paid to New York College for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), airport pick-up, or accommodation bookings.
  • Refunds for any monies received by New York College on behalf of the Student for services other than tuition fees must be requested from the company delivering the service and Students will be subject to the respective companies refund policies.
  • In the event that an extension to the Student’s visa is not granted and the course has commenced a refund will not be issued to the Student for the course duration that has already finished.
  • In the event that the Student seeks and is granted approval by New York College to transfer to another provider prior to completion of six months study of the principal course, no refund of any course money paid in advance will be granted. Any outstanding fees for the course must be paid prior to release.
  • In the event that the Student’s enrolment is cancelled because of infringement of New York College’s disciplinary Policy or breach of Student visa conditions, no refund of any course money will be granted

Requests for Refund of Tuition Fees

A Student who wishes to apply for a Refund of tuition fees in accordance with this Refund Policy should do so in writing and stating reasons and relevant details by submitting it to the Manager, New York College.

Payment of Refund

All refunds for which a Student is eligible will be forwarded, within 14 days to the person who paid the fees in his or her home country, unless the Student is transferring to another institution in Australia (subject to Visa conditions), in which case any refund may be remitted to that institution, as authorised by the Student or his/her guardian. New York College will provide the Student with a statement detailing the calculation of the refund.


All refunds must be approved by the CEO. Exemptions to any of the above mention cases may only occur where the Student has extenuating or compassionate grounds as determined by the CEO. “This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the Student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws”.

Non-Payment of fees and debt collection for all students

Students are required to pay all their course fees as they become due (as per the conditions outlined in the enrolment documentation). Delays in payments may result in a $50 per week late fee fine. Ongoing delays in payment of College fees may result in cancellation of enrolment.

The College reserves the right to utilise the services of a debt-collection agency for the collection of overdue fees, in circumstances where the College’s internal processes to collect the fees have not been successful. In such circumstances, costs for full debt collection/ recovery, including costs such as demand letters, skip/trace, solicitor’s involvement etc. will be added to the amount outstanding and the Student will be liable for the costs

Terms and Privacy Statement

1. New York College reserves the right to change its fees and conditions, cancel or defer courses, and to alter course timetables at any time.

2. Information is collected on this form and during your enrolment in order to meet our obligations under the ESOS Act and the National Code 2007 and for the purpose of operating as a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Skills Quality Authority; to ensure student compliance with the conditions of their visas and their obligations under Australian immigration laws generally. The authority to collect this information is contained in the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, the ESOS Regulations 2001 and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007. Information collected about you on this form and during your enrolment can be provided, in certain circumstances, to the Australian Government and designated authorities and, if relevant, the Tuition Assurance Scheme and the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager. In other instances information collected on this form or during your enrolment can be disclosed without your consent where authorised or required by law. The College is required, under s19 of the ESOS Act 2000, to report certain changes to the student’s enrolment and any breach by the student of a student visa condition relating to attendance or satisfactory academic performance. It is a requirement of AQF that students can access personal information held by New York College and may request corrections to information that is incorrect or out of date. This agreement is made in accordance with the ESOS Act 2000, ESOS Regulations 2001 and the National Code 2007. This agreement and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right to the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

3. Personal information collected as a result of your enrolment will be used by New York College for general student administration and vocational education and training administration and regulation; as well as planning, reporting, communication, research, evaluation, financial administration (including debt recovery), auditing and marketing. Only authorised New York College officers and other authorised persons (e.g. service providers) have access to this information. You agree that New York College may use the email address supplied by the student as a point of contact for any information it deems necessary. You agree that New York College will access Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) services at any time to confirm their visa status, work and study rights.

4. You agree that New York College will release information pertaining to their enrolment (excluding academic records), attendance and account details to their education agent.

5. Photographs, videos and testimonials taken by New York College may be used for marketing and promotional purposes, unless the student advises the college in writing that they do not wish their images to be used for the above purposes.

6. All students on student visas must attend at least 80% of their course and maintain satisfactory course progress at all times. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation of enrolment and the student being reported to the Australian immigration authorities. Sick days are noted as absences and students are advised to present medical certificates for any absences due to sickness.

7. Student visa holders must keep New York College informed regarding their current residential address and contact phone numbers at all times.

8. All students must adhere to New York College’s code of conduct and New York College policies, rules and regulations. Details are available in the Student Handbook that can be downloaded from the New York College website: It is a condition of enrolment that students read, understand and follow the college rules and code of conduct. Students are advised to familiarise themselves with the details in the Student Handbook. Aggressive behaviour, bullying, racism, vandalism and/or conduct that threaten others is not tolerated. Failure to follow the college Code of Conduct may result in the student being: asked to leave the campus; reported to appropriate authorities; required to pay for any damages; suspended from the college for a specific period without refund of fees; or expelled for serious breaches. It is the student’s responsibility to read and understand the information provided in the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook and other relevant information is publicly available on the college website.

What you need to do

Step 1: Read the Conditions of Enrolment

Step 2: Complete the enrolment details

Step 3: Attach the following documents:

If you are applying for full-time Certificate or Diploma courses, please provide the following documents:

  • Certified copy of your last completed qualification and copies of your academic results from your home country
  • Certified copy of your last completed qualification and copies of your academic results from Australia, if relevant
  • Proof of date of birth (Copy of Date of Birth certificate or copy of passport)
  • Results from any internationally recognised English language test (e,g IELTS/ TOEFL etc) if you are an international student)

Step 4: Submit your enrolment form, with the above documents to New York College

Step 5: If your application is successful, you will receive an Offer letter and invoice for payment within 2 working days. You must sign the “Acceptance of Offer” form and return to us with proof of payment as soon as possible.

Step 6: After we receive your payment and acceptance form, we will issue a “Confirmation of Enrolment” (COE). (If other conditions have been noted on your letter of offer, you will be required to meet the conditions before a COE can be issued)